"Jamie has helped me recover from a head on car accident, which left me in much pain.  Her techniques and sense of the body and its mechanics is immense. My recovery from working with Jamie has changed my life, and I have gratitude for her time and expertise. I do recommend sessions with Jamie, she is a great practitioner."  — Linda B.

“Jamie has provided pain relief and aided my healing on many occasions. She really listens to her clients, and she has an uncanny ability to zero in on problem spots and completely work them out. She’s also great at leaving her clients with tips and advice – it’s clear that she really cares about the people who come to see her.”   — Chris J.

"I have worked with Jamie Noteboom for four years. In that time she has helped me to restructure my body through her excellent techniques. I had an injury to my Achilles tendon several years ago and had trouble in regaining mobility in my right leg. Jamie’s work helped me to achieve full function of my calf muscle and greatly enhanced my tendon strength and flexibility. Her knowledge, experience and sensitive nature guides her treatments to provide exactly what is needed with each session. I am a tai chi instructor and have recommended her to my students over the years. She has helped several of them through deep traumas such as car accidents and severe falls. They were able to come back to class quickly and with positive feedback about their experiences with her and how much she helped them back to health. I enthusiastically endorse Jamie and her style of massage to anyone who might need body work. Jamie is an excellent practitioner. Thank you, Jamie."  — William D.

“For years I have been recommending Jamie Noteboom to my friends, coworkers, and anyone who asks—she is one of the best massage therapists I have ever been to (and I put in some time looking). Jamie has been my massage therapist for more than three years and each of our sessions is unique. Before she begins, she asks me how things are going, listens to what I say, and then tailors her massage to what I want/need/ask for. While she is fantastic at deep tissue massage, she’ll tailor her approach specifically to you. Unlike the kind of spas where you go and pick something off a menu—a kind of “one size fits all” approach—Jamie tailors what she does to suit your needs, what you and your muscles tell her.

      When I first started seeing Jamie, I had a running-related injury in both calves; I could hardly run my legs hurt so bad. For our first visit, Jamie spent almost all of our time together working just on my calves—which was exactly what I wanted and needed. By the time I got off her table, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. Over the following days, my pain lessened even more. I scheduled two more visits over the next couple weeks, and soon after my last visit, my legs were pain free. 

     A good massage therapist seems to have a sixth sense. She finds and relieves pain you didn’t realize you had—she gets to the root of the problem. I am always amazed at Jamie’s ability to do this. But Jamie’s “magic touch” and expertise come from years of experience, as well as her ever-expanding knowledge base and skill set. The woman knows her anatomy and muscle groups. She always seems to be taking classes, earning more certifications, and learning new techniques, which she then puts to use with her clients. When Jamie is giving you a massage, she thinks about what she is doing, analyzing how your muscles respond, adjusting pressure, trying a different approach if need be. It’s awesome. And, in addition to all this, she is also a caring, interesting, funny, intelligent, and all-around lovely human being whom you’ll be glad to know.”  — Erika K.

“As a whiplash victim and a professional photographer, I have suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain for years. Anyone suffering from the same thing knows how hard it is to live day to day in pain with severe headaches, stiffness, pinched nerves and lack of energy. I began to experience numbness in my fingers and even eye twitches. Not only this, but as a runner, I began experiencing horrible hip and knee pain which ended most of my physical activities. I found Jamie upon recommendation from another woman who suffered from the same symptoms and pain. She raved about Jamie and her myofascial work, something I had never heard of. I had exhausted my resources . . . I frequented multiple chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and various other physicians who couldn't help. It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial, because Jamie is truly the only person who has ever offered me any relief from pain. She is absolutely magical. She can be absolutely brutal at times, digging deeply into a muscle if needed, and working the fascia to be sure the muscle is able to accept release. This is a skill that I have never found in another massage therapist and which has been incredibly effective for me. She is the only massage therapist that has helped me, and she has done so in such a major way. For any whiplash victim or professional photographers who commonly suffer from the same neck and shoulder pain, Jamie is the best investment you could possibly make for your wellness and freedom from pain.” — Briena S.

I had been living with pain for over two years due to previous injuries and emotional stress.  I was determined to not live my life taking pain medications. After my first session with Jamie, I experienced discomfort because my body was extremely tight from the injury, but still had significantly less discomfort then what I had been accustomed to living with in the past. After my second session, I felt like a new person. My body's energy was moving and I was able to bend my back, stand up straight, and move my elbow without pain!  I felt my stress level decreasing! With Jamie's knowledge, encouragement, and compassion, she guided me through exercises I can do at home that are keeping my body flexible and allowing my healing to continue. Jamie is an incredible healer. She has brought the joy of movement back into my life.”  — Jane S-D.

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